Swynnerton Village


Many of the Swinnertons living today are descendants of John deSwynnerton, the first of the name, who occurs in legal documents between 1190-1213 and who was probably the great-grandson of the tenant of Swynnerton in the Domesday Book of 1086.

Research into the family history was started by the Reverend Charles Swynnerton in the 1870s.  Interest in the family history became dormant after his death in 1928 but was revived by Iain Swinnerton in 1952 who founded the Swinnerton Society in 1974.  The society became a registered charity in 1986 - the first one-name society to be so recognized.  However, the burden of administering this eventually became too onerous and it was replaced by the Swinnerton Family Society in April 2010.